Add/Edit Gearbox Users

Add/Edit Gearbox Users

Within Gearbox you can create as many users you require, each user type is classified by a license which are associated with different cost rates. For further details of the different user types in Gearbox please see our Gearbox Pricing KB article.

How to add/edit Gearbox user's

  1. Click on the User icon on the top right-hand corner then click on Users.
  2. The Admin Dashboard will be displayed which is a summary of your current subscription including active modules, total users and costs. Click on Users to view system users.
  3. The Active Users page will be displayed in which you can view All Active, Read & Write, Read Only, and Inactive users within your system.
  4. Click + New User to create a new profile. Alternatively click on an existing user to edit their profile.
  5. Within the user profile fill in the following fields:
    1. Username*: this will be used to log into Gearbox, this value must be unique and is recommended to use the user's email address.
    2. First Name: enter the user's first name
    3. Last Name: enter the user's last name
    4. Email*: enter the user's email address, Gearbox email notifications will be sent to this address
    5. Time Zone: select the user's time zone, date and time will be displayed in the user's local timezone
    6. Language: select the user's language depending on their region. Ie. New Zealand customers should select English (New Zealand) as this will display RUC and WoF/CoF areas of Gearbox.
    7. Password & Password Confirmation*: Enter a secure password for the user to log into Gearbox with. Passwords must contain 1 capital letter and 1 number.
    8. Reset Password Next Login?: upon initial login user will attempt to login with username and password entered, then they must follow prompts on the screen to reset their password. Alternatively they can follow steps outlined in the Forgot password KB guide.
    9. Inactive?: this option will set the user status to inactive, users will not be able to log into Gearbox when their user is set to inactive.
    10. User Type: select a User Type to assign to the user, keeping in mind each user User Type will incur a different charge apart from Read Only and Denied which are free of charged.
    11. Module Permissions: you can select different level of permissions for each module. Ie. if you would like to give a user Admin access to all areas but deny them access to the Users area as an example.

      * Denotes a mandatory field.
    12. Select the Group Filters tab to limit access and visibility to specific Groups and SubGroups. When options have been locked the user will not be able to alter their Group and/or SubGroup selections.
    13. Select the Email Notifications to select the notifications you wish the user to receive. The daily summary refers to the Daily Snapshot email.
    14. Under the Purchase Orders tab configure Purchase Order limitations for the user.
      1. This user can approve Purchase Orders up to: ($): set an approval limitation, in the screenshot below the user can only approve Purchase Orders $500.00 and under.
      2. This user can export Purchase Orders with a variation of up to: (0-100%): set a variation amount as a percentage, in the screenshot below the user can only export Purchase Orders with a 50% variation of the original cost.
    15. Once configurations have been set click on Create User on the bottom right-hand corner to save changes.

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