Gearbox Updates 20/06/22

Gearbox Updates 20/06/22

The items below consists of all bug fixes, and enhancements that will be released over the course of this week. Please note, screenshot samples below may vary slightly compared to final implementation.


  1. Papua New Guinea locale - in order to accommodate the growing interest in Papua New Guinea, an additional Language option will be added which will display Papua New Guinean Kina rather than AU dollar throughout Gearbox. For example, Kxxx.xx compared to $xxx.xx.
  2. Prestart Import - two additional TRUE/FALSE columns have been added to the Prestart Import file in order to bulk enable the following fields - Pass Photo Required and Critical Question.


  1. Compliance Dashboard - a recently resolved bug previously hard coded the warning intervals to 2 and 4 weeks for the Inspection due counters. This has now been rectified to reflect what has been predefined under the System Parameter settings INSPECTION_YEL_DAYS  and INSPECTION_RED_DAYS.
  2. Daily Snapshot emails - a bug has been resolved to accurately reflect information on the Daily Snapshot emails sent to Gearbox users based on their user permission levels. For example, a Mechanic user does not have access by default to the Employees module in which the Employee related counters on the Daily Snapshot email will be hidden from the user.