Gearbox Updates 20/02/24

Gearbox Updates 20/02/24

The bug fixes listed below will be released over the course of this week.

Bug Fixes

1. Webfleet integration - There was a bug preventing meter readings from being pulled into Gearbox from Webfleet.

2. MiX Telematics integration - Updates have been made to this integration in Settings > Integrations so that customers can enter their own client ID and secret code.

3. Allocation view - The Allocated Assets table was unable to be searched by vehicle make, model, type or build date.

4. Printing fault reports - Fault reports with a photo attached were not displaying the image when printed as a PDF.

5. Service due calculations - There was an issue with services due not recalculating when a service was closed at a later time to the date closed and mileage closed being entered.