Gearbox Updates 18/05/22

Gearbox Updates 18/05/22

The items below consists of all bug fixes, enhancements that will be released over the course of this week. Please note, screenshot samples below may vary slightly compared to final implementation.


  1. Pre-populate PO Group/Template field within Purchase Orders - a recent change has been implemented that within a Purchase Order when a vehicle is selected Gearbox will automatically fill in the PO Group/Template field with the selected vehicle's Group. For example, in the screenshot below the vehicle PM01 is selected in which Gearbox will automatically pre-populate the PO Group/Template field with Transport as per PM01's Group selection.


  1. Risk Assessments - a bug has been resolved which previously did not display the border around certain text fields in Risk Assessment eJobcards.
  2. Employee Notes field - previously the Notes field contained a limitation of 500 characters, the character limitation has now been removed for this field.

  3. Vehicles Compliance tab hidden - a bug has been resolved that caused the Compliance tab to be hidden if the Compliance module was not active on a system. Any system, regardless if the Compliance module is active the Compliance tab will always be displayed under Vehicle records.
  4. Hiding dashlets and buttons for inactive modules - if a module is not active on a Gearbox subscription the dashlets and side navigation bar buttons will now be hidden. If order to view the dashlets and buttons the module must be added to your Gearbox subscription. For example, the first screenshot below displays a system with the Employees module active, the second without.
  5. Add New Parts button rework - when a Parts list contains no part records the Add New button displays across the entire ribbon. This will be updated to display as per the screenshot below.
  6. Converted Fault Report photos - a bug has been resolved which previously resulted in the images attached to a converted Fault Report to be created as an Unprocessed Document rather than a Processed Document.
  7. PDF report buttons - certain PDF reports within records would not allow users to generated the same report more than once unless the page was refreshed. This has since been resolved allowing users to generate the same report multiple times.