Gearbox Updates 16/10/23

Gearbox Updates 16/10/23

The enhancements and bug fixes listed below will be released over the course of this week.


1. Audit trails - Similarly to the audit trail for Services, we have added audit trails for Inspections and Purchase Orders. A record is logged every time a major field is updated, showing the date/time and user who made the changes. To view the audit trail, click on the "Show History" button at the bottom of the Inspection or PO record.

2. Allocation view - Updates have been made to the allocation view, including removing the vehicle icon and day rate columns, adding the spare2 and vehicle owner columns, and rearranging the spare1 column. The day rate field has also been removed from the vehicles/allocation form and the Vehicles API endpoint.

Bug Fixes

1. Duplicate reminders - The Reminders table in the Reminders tab of an employee's information page was showing duplicate records. We also fixed a bug that was showing different numbers for reminders due.

2. Prestart uploads - When syncing multiple prestart records to Gearbox, they were not being numbered chronologically.

3. Incomplete prestarts - Helper text has been added for the scenario that a prestart is completed but has not been signed and therefore fault reports have not been raised from failed items.

4. Vehicles API - Duplicate vehicle records were being returned across multiple pages for the vehicles API.