Gearbox Updates 14/11/23

Gearbox Updates 14/11/23

The enhancements and bug fixes listed below will be released over the course of this week.


1. Mechanic Labour report - This new report has been added to Gearbox in both PDF and XLSX formats. It is similar to the existing Labour Report but it provides labour data from a user perspective, rather than from a work order perspective. It includes all labour times across service, repair, tyre and inspection jobs. To access the report, go to Users > Reports.

Bug Fixes

1. Asset owners - The Asset Owners table in Settings could not be searched or reordered.

2. Parts usage - When viewing the usage tables for a part, it should show whether a part is provided by a supplier and therefore does not affect stock count. The icon was shown on the service parts table but missing for the repair and tyre parts tables.

3. Inspection history - The Inspection History table in the Compliance table of a vehicle had the "Inspection Type" column labelled incorrectly as "Permit Type".