Gearbox Updates 14/03/22

Gearbox Updates 14/03/22

The items below consists of all bug fixes, enhancements that will be released over the course of this week. Please note, screenshot samples below may vary slightly compared to final implementation.


1. EasyAllocate integration vehicle status changes - Vehicle status will only update if the EasyAllocate site contains the word 'SERVICE' in the Site name. This only applies to systems that have the EasyAllocate integration enabled.
2. Gearbox User Interface update - A newsletter was sent on Monday 14th of March informing customers of the update, please check your emails for further details or click here to read it on our Support Site.


1. EasyAllocate Settings Report (XLSX) - Resolved bug of data not being displayed in the 'Rate Interval' column on the XLSX report.
2. Employee Import - Previously when uploading an Employee Import file, the Employee ID would populate in the Employee record but all remaining data would be skipped. This has since been resolved.
3. Closed Services Register (XLSX) - If multiple Groups/Subgroups were selected and then the report was run this would time out in the back-end and fail to generate the report. This has since been resolved.