Gearbox Updates 12/05/22

Gearbox Updates 12/05/22

The items below consists of all bug fixes, enhancements that will be released over the course of this week. Please note, screenshot samples below may vary slightly compared to final implementation.


  1. Parts Import - the Parts Import has been updated to both create and update Part records.


  1. Training reports - a recently resolved bug previously displayed a tick for the Training Due Register indicating the report can be date filtered. This has been since been updated to accurately reflect the report's filtering capabilities.

  2. Users unable to upload documents under Maintenance - a recently resolved bug prevented users with Read Only permissions in the Maintenance module but Standard and above permissions in the Documents module to upload documents to Maintenance sub-pages (ie. Services, Repairs, Tyres, etc...).

  3. Fault Reports - previously when creating/linking a Fault Report to a Repair the KMs entered against the Fault Report were not copied over to the linked/created Repair. This has since been resolved.