Gearbox Updates 17/01/24

Gearbox Updates 17/01/24

The enhancements and bug fixes listed below will be released over the course of this week.


1. Contractor codes - We have added contractor codes to the open, expiring and closed contractor reminder views, as well as to the contractor reminder reports in both XLSX and PDF formats.

2. Used part reports - Columns for stocktake, consignment, consumable, labour rate and archived have been added to used part XLSX reports.

3. Vehicle status webhook - A new webhook has been created to share all vehicle status data.

Bug Fixes

1. Archived fault reports - The button to download a PDF version of the Archived Fault Reports report was incorrectly showing images of open fault reports rather than displaying the PDF.

2. Repairer's Running Costs report - Service data was not being included in this report.