Gearbox Updates 06/11/23

Gearbox Updates 06/11/23

The enhancements and bug fixes listed below will be released over the course of this week.


1. MYOB integration - We have added an API to export purchase orders from Gearbox to MYOB, so that users don't need to export via CSV files. It works similarly to the Xero integration in that if enabled, there will be an "Export to MYOB" button visible at the bottom of the purchase order.

2. Prestart native - For prestart questions that require a photo to be attached, a prompt now appears on the screen if a user attempts to save a failed question without attaching a photo.

Bug Fixes

1. Labour time - An error message has been added when labour times fail to update, explaining why the error has occurred.

2. eJobcards - Signing off an ejobcard as a mechanic user then clearing the signature still showed the "Completed" badge on the Open Services table even though there was no mechanic signature present.