Gearbox Updates 05/04/22

Gearbox Updates 05/04/22

The items below consists of all bug fixes, enhancements that will be released over the course of this week. Please note, screenshot samples below may vary slightly compared to final implementation.


  1. External Mechanic user permissions - additional permissions have been added for the External Mechanic user type being in which an Admin user can permit specific External Mechanics access to add and edit Parts, Documents, and/or Labour Times. This is configured in the External Mechanic's user record, for further details on how to add/edit Gearbox users please click here.


  1. Unable to delete Subgroups - recently resolved bug that prevented users from deleting Subgroups has now been resolved.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance History table - recently resolved bug that prevented open work orders not to be displayed at the top of the table as since been resolved. Work order records will be displayed at top of table if table sorting is by Date Closed.