Gearbox Updates 03/10/23

Gearbox Updates 03/10/23

The enhancements and bug fix listed below will be released over the course of this week. Please note screenshot samples may vary from final implementation.


1. Load sheet report - We have added a new report for Completed Employee Load Sheets by Month. The design is similar to the Employee Prestarts by Month report, with green boxes showing completed load sheets and red boxes showing overloads.

2. SmartFill integration - Gearbox now integrates with SmartFill to automatically import fuel readings. To set up this integration, please contact FMT and request your client reference and secret numbers, then enter them into Gearbox > Settings > Integrations.

2. Service API endpoint - Fields for "updated at" and "vehicle ID" have been added to the API.

4. Two factor authentication - 2FA is now available for businesses who wish to increase the security of their account. This setting enables 2FA for all users and will force them to set it up next time they log in. Reauthentication is required every 12 hours. If you would like to set up 2FA, please contact Support.

Bug Fix

1. Prestart - There was a bug preventing photos and signatures from uploading if multiple trailers were listed.